< 6/22/2017


Dear 8th Grade Parents

As you might have already heard, we have the good news to share that Ella Jane Pearson was born on December 26th! Both Ella and Mrs. Pearson are home and doing very well. While Mrs. Pearson is on her maternity leave, Bro. Nick and Mr. Loeffler will be teaching her 8th grade classes. Bro. Nick will teach her second and third hours, and Mr. Loeffler her sixth and seventh hours. We will use the same Google Classrooms that the students and Mrs. Pearson used in the fall, but please contact us directly about these classes (we will not be checking Mrs. Pearson’s email).

Most of the spring semester will consist of an exciting new program from Ascension Press called YOU: Life, Love, and the Theology of the Body. This program is based on St. John Paul II’s landmark teachings that have been compiled under the title “Theology of the Body” and which offer a very positive message of the gift of sexuality as a good and essential part of love and life. We hope that this program will provide your children with the knowledge and understanding they need concerning the meaning and purpose of sexuality as an inherent part of their humanity.

Recognizing parents as the primary educators of their children in matters of faith and morals, this program includes a rich parental component. The introductory materials to the YOU program can be found at this link, and they include an introductory video for parents. A parents’ guide is also available for purchasing at that link should you want to have that resource.

Each student is receiving a workbook, and we will be watching the program’s videos in class. We strongly encourage you to have regular conversations with your children throughout this semester about what we are discussing in class. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions about this program or if we can refer you to additional resources and information.

Thank you for your time and interest in this important stage of your childrens’ spiritual development. We look forward to working with them and you over the next several weeks!

Sincerely, Bro. Nick Mullarkey, O.S.A. (nmullarkey@casciahall.com)
Michael J. Loeffler (mloeffler@casciahall.com)
Todd Goldsmith, Middle School Principal