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2017 Minimester for Sophomores

9:00 am, Wednesday, January 11 & 18
All sophomores will meet in the Spielmann (US) Gym where attendance will be taken and an overview of the agencies to be served will be presented. At 9:30, buses will load in front of chapel, and each group will be taken to one of four partnering agencies. Faculty members will accompany and work with each group. Faculty members staying at a site where the bus will be leaving are asked to drive their own vehicle to the Christian service site. Students will be divided into four groups and will rotate each week to a different agency (see below for the January 11th rotations.)

Agencies students will serve on Wednesday, January 11:

1. CAP - McCLURE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (Abbott - Goddin)  (27 students with 1 faculty) BUS # CH 207 Mr. John Santee (driver and stay at site) (load by St. Rita Chapel). 1770 E. 61st St. Bring sack lunch and be ready to go outside.

2. COMMUNITY FOOD BANK OF EASTERN OKLAHOMA ~ Adam Baker (Gold - Payton) (27 students with 2 faculty) BUS # CH 201 Mr. Thomas Perrault (driver), Mr. Joe Medina and Mr. Kevin Malarkey (stay at site) (load by St. Rita Chapel) 1304 N. Kenosha, 918-936-4545. Bring sack lunch.

3. McKINLEY ELEMENTARY ~ Ms. Soraya Payne, Parent Facilitator (Perkins - Videll) (27 students with 1 faculty) BUS # CH 201 (Mr. Thomas Perrault (driver and stay at site) (load by St. Rita chapel) 6703 E. King Street, 918-833-8726, 315-664-5008. Bring sack lunch.

4. TULSA ADVOCATES FOR THE PROTECTION OF CHILDREN  ~ Mrs. Maura Browne (Villareal - Zanders) (11 students with 2 faculty) BUS # CH 207 Mr. John Santee (driver) and Deanna Byford (stay at site) (load by St. Rita chapel) 3722 E. 51st Street, 918-706-1608. Bring sack lunch or money for lunch at local restaurants.

At 2:30, buses will load students at each agency and return to school; the school day ends at 3:00.

Wednesday, January 25 (attendance is required)
At 9:00 am, all sophomores will meet in the Spielmann (US) gym, where attendance will be taken. All sophomores will move to the Brecht Center where a summary of the three service days will be presented and a representative from each agency will speak about how the students' service impacted the agency as well as the people the agency serves.

The Sophomore Retreat will be from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm (lunch at noon). There will be a 2:00 Mass focused on Our Mission of Christian service, and why we serve.

“Precisely because we wish to be at the service of all of society, our primary concern will always be those who live on its margin, excluded from the essential services. Wherever there is structural injustice, Christians are called to oppose it. Those with the greatest need require the greatest response.

God is Father of all, without exception, and we firmly believe in the equal dignity of all. It is this belief which commits us in faith to promote respect for the inalienable rights of all and their integration in society.”

From Saint Augustine, Reflections on Justice and Peace