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Middle School Activities
Resources and Links

Middle School students in grades 6 - 8 can join activities and clubs such as Academic Bowl, Art Club, Choir, World Language Clubs, Debate, National Junior Honor Society, Chess Club, and the Green Team (see complete list below).  Middle School parents organize social functions and community service projects for students and their families throughout the year.

Contact Information

All e-mail addresses are First Initial Last Name@casciahall.com (no spaces).  Call 918.746.2600 and ask for the extension unless a direct number is indicated below.

Academic Bowl
Carla Fox x2419
Catherine Uhren x2423

Art Club
Ariana Jakub Brandes x2413

Chess Club
Catherine Uhren x2423

Choir and Bell Choir
Cheray Smith x2445

David Galoob x2183

Engineering Club
Roxi Vincent x2402

Green Team
Mary Elliott x2400

Trevor Wolf

Math Counts
Pam Benne x2138

National Junior Honor Society*
Mary Elliott x2400

PAC Rats
Deanna Byford

Reading Club
Joan Hubble

Student Council
Natalie Sullivan

World Language Clubs
Mei Wu, Chinese, 918-746-2600, x2435
Tami Gnaedig, Spanish, 918-746-2600 x2437
Taylor Grounds, French, 918-746-2600 x2434
Angela Wells, Latin, 746-2600 x2408

*Must be enrolled in the class, inducted, or elected to participate.