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Campus Ministry Mission and Philsophy
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The focus of the Campus Ministry program of Cascia Hall Preparatory School is to build a strong, healthy Christian community based upon the ideals of the Gospel and of the Order of St. Augustine: TRUTH, UNITY AND LOVE. The program is intended to help each individual recognize his/her own unique gifts and talents and to develop these talents to their fullest potential. The students, along with the faculty and staff, constitute a faith community, which seeks to grow in love of God and neighbor through the process of education, participation and cooperation as they spend time together in the Cascia environment.

The Campus Ministry office provides many opportunities for each student to enrich and develop his/her spiritual life. Throughout the course of the year there will be Eucharistic celebrations, individual and communal celebrations of the sacrament of reconciliation, and retreat programs. All religious programs, as well as four years of formal classroom instruction in Theology, are designed to cultivate a solid foundation in the Christian life.

All senior students must attend the "senior retreat." This retreat is a graduation requirement. The student can only be excused with the permission of the Headmaster or Director, provided arrangements for the makeup of the retreat are settled. All students should plan to attend their class retreat. Spiritual direction, pastoral counseling and the sacrament of reconciliation are always available from any Augustinian of the student’s choice.

In case of emergency, hospitalization or death of a close family member, students and/or parents should contact the Campus Ministry office as soon as possible. The Campus Ministry office serves as an outreach of pastoral care to parents, staff and alumni. Apart from the religious program and academic instruction in theology at school, each student is expected to be practicing his/her faith with the family in their respective churches on the days normally set aside for this community worship. Wherever possible, each student is encouraged to become involved in church programs and activities.

It is the expectation and hope of Cascia Hall School that each student present him/herself as a Christian person at all times and proudly uphold the high standards of excellence that have characterized Cascia Hall for so many years.