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Ten Reasons To Attend Cascia Hall
The Cascia Hall Experience
  1. Cascia Hall is a Catholic Augustinian school. The student-teacher ratio is 12-1; the average class size at the Upper School is 18; at the Middle School the class size is 24. The total school enrollment is approximately 580 students in grades 6-12.
  2. Cascia Hall students are 100% college bound. College Counselors begin working with students and their parents in the freshman year.
  3. Cascia Hall is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, the State of Oklahoma, and the Augustinian Secondary Education Association.
  4. Cascia Hall students are recognized and related to as individuals by the faculty resulting in higher motivation.
  5. Cascia Hall's faculty consists of well qualified, highly professional instructors. The school is under the direction of the Augustinian friars who have an international tradition as a teaching order. In the United States alone, they own and/or operate Villanova University and Merrimack College as well as eight other secondary schools.
  6. The close relationship shared by students and faculty establishes a rapport for counseling and moral guidance.
  7. Students from many different religious and socio-economic backgrounds attend Cascia Hall, contributing to an atmosphere of diversity.
  8. Athletics are strongly encouraged with the emphasis on teamwork. Any student who expresses a desire to participate in sports is given an opportunity to do so.
  9. The excellence and flexibility of a private education permits the development of such programs as the Minimester when students have the opportunity for individualized study in the business or professional community.
  10. Cascia Hall's academic atmosphere reflects an absence of many disciplinary and social problems apparent in today's society.