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The School Seal

The seal of the school is derived from the seal of the Augustinian Order.

The main element of the seal is the heart which is symbolic of God's Love for each of us and the love we are called to share with each other.

The book is the Scriptures - The Word of God. We are called not only to read the word, but to know it and to live it.

The cross is the symbol of our salvation in Christ; it is a sign of hope even in the midst of suffering and death.

The miter (hat) and crosier (staff) are symbols of St. Augustine in his role of bishop. St. Augustine's philosophy of education is the basis of our philosophy at Cascia Hall. His words still guide and direct us.

The cincture (belt) reminds us of the role of Augustine as a founder and member of a religious community. The Augustinian priests and brothers who administrate Cascia Hall still wear cinctures as part of their religious habit.

The words under the seal "Veritas, Unitas and Caritas" i.e. "Truth, Unity and Love" are not just words; they are the core values of Cascia Hall that we hope are inculcated into every aspect of our school. (On some seals of the order, the words "Tolle Lege - i.e. "Take Up and Read" represent the words that Augustine heard during his conversion to take up the Scriptures and live them).

The date, 1926, indicates the year Cascia Hall opened its doors for the first time.