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Financial Aid and Family Discounts

Financial Aid


Financial Aid Awards are made by the Financial Aid Committee of the Board of Directors, and are based on independently verified demonstrated need. More than $750,000 is distributed annually to assist families. Approximately 20 percent of Cascia Hall students receive tuition assistance. For those receiving financial aid, the average award is approximately half the tuition. The maximum award is less than full tuition as families and students are encouraged to take a vested interest by contributing in some way to the significant financial obligation.

Parents applying for financial aid must complete annually the independent FACTS Management Grant and Aid Application which is only available online at www.factstuitionaid.com/facts/gaapp. No other forms are required by Cascia Hall. However, for verification purposes, FACTS will require income tax returns which must be immediately faxed or mailed upon completing your online application. Please follow up with FACTS to verify their receipt of your financial aid application and all supporting documentation. A FACTS Customer Care representative can be reached at 1-866-315-9262. Any inquiries to Cascia Hall should be addressed only to Mrs. Karen Tennery, CFO, 918-746-2606.

Please Note: Your financial aid application cannot be verified until your income tax return has been filed with the IRS and a copy received by FACTS. Cascia Hall will not assign a financial aid award without a verified application. The school can not accept your W2 forms in lieu of a completed and filed income tax return for the most current filing period, unless you are not required by the IRS to file a return. To avoid delays, you may want to consider filing your income tax return by March 15, even if it means that you must later file an amended return.

The deadline for submitting the online Grant and Aid Application, supporting income tax returns, and processing fee is March 15 of each year. Applications are considered complete when the supporting tax return and fee are received. Cascia Hall will mail financial aid award letters by mid-April. Requests for assistance received after March 15 will be considered if funds are still available.

A signed contract and deposit ($550 for new students and $500 for returning students) must be received from accepted students before they will be considered for financial aid. For new financial aid applicants only, Cascia Hall will return the deposit (minus a $50 matriculation fee for new students) if financial arrangements cannot be satisfactorily resolved. A request for a deposit refund must be made in writing to the Headmaster.

The Catholic Diocese of Tulsa also uses FACTS Management. Catholic students attending Catholic schools in the diocese need complete only one FACTS management application to be considered for awards from both the diocese and Cascia Hall.

Family Discounts

Family Discounts of $500 are available for second and subsequent students, unless the family is receiving financial aid from Cascia Hall. Family discounts are a form of financial assistance and will be granted upon request; they are not automatically applied. Family discounts must be requested in writing on an annual basis within the academic year prior to entry. Requests should be addressed to the Business Office and submitted with the contract. Family discounts requested after May 31 of the previous academic year are subject to denial.