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Faculty Profiles

At Cascia Hall Preparatory School faculty members constantly strive toward the ideals and qualities of being Augustinian educators committed to Gospel values and the Augustinian traditions of truth, unity, and love.

Cascia Hall has attracted a highly-qualified faculty to lead its mission and vision.  The predominant focus and strength of the faculty are their content knowledge, dedication to core values, and commitment to personal, professional, and spiritual growth of both self and others. 

The diverse faculty consists of 60 members from a broad range of educational backgrounds, including graduates of Villanova; DePaul; Carnegie Mellon;  Merrimack; Queen’s University, Belfast, Ireland; University of Madrid, Spain; Anhui Medical University, China; and many Oklahoma universities.

Thirty-four members of the faculty have advanced degrees and two have received their PhDs.  Four have achieved National Board Certification. Fifty percent of the faculty is Catholic. Cascia Hall Preparatory School is also served by four counselors. 

Because the focus of an Augustinian educator requires concern for the whole child and not just his or her academic success, the majority of the faculty interacts with the students outside the classroom by coaching, sponsoring clubs or activities, and/or tutoring.  The faculty values the learning that takes place in social settings, on the athletic fields, during prayer and worship,  and with Christian service and recognizes these various learning situations foster interpersonal relationships, community building, a sense of teamwork, a commitment to others, and good citizenship.