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Fine and Performing Arts

David Galoob - Department Chair*
Degrees: B.A., Applied Liberal Arts, University of Central Oklahoma
Teaching experience at Cascia: 2007 - Present
Previous teaching experience: Norman North High School, Norman, Oklahoma

Brandes, Ariana Jakub
Degree: B.A., Russian Language and Culture, Studio Art, Emory University, Atlanta, GA
Teaching experience at Cascia: 2015 - Present, Art
Previous teaching experience: Princeton Day School, Princeton, NJ; The Nika School, Moscow; Christie's, Director of Ariana Jakub Gallery and Savage Art Gallery; Monroe Demonstration Academy, Tulsa

Byford, Deanna
Degree: B.S., Drama-Theatre-Film, Oral Roberts University
Experience at Cascia: 2011 - Present
Previous experience: 5 years industry experience at ORU and Tulsa PAC

Byford, Jeramy
Degrees: Associate, Acting and Technical Directing, Highline College, Seattle WA; B.A., Technical Directing, Sam Houston State University; M.A., Arts Management, Carnegie Melon University
Experience at Cascia: 2010 - Present
Previous experience: 7 years teaching at the college level and/or working in the industry (four years at Tulsa PAC)

Coonfield, Candy
Degrees: B.A., Music (Piano Performance)
Teaching experience at Cascia: 2009-Present
Previous experience: 12 years private piano instruction; designed curriculum for special needs children for 6 years
Other: Involved in ongoing musical performances and study within the greater Tulsa community.

LaFortune, John ' 77
Degree: B.A., Commercial Photography, Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara, CA
Teaching experience at Cascia: 1999 - Present
Previous experience: 15 years self-employed professional photographer

Sartain, Esther
Degree: B.A., Art Education, Oklahoma State University
Teaching experience at Cascia: 2008 – Present
Previous teaching experience: Private instruction in painting; 5 years Alternative School - Franklin Youth Academy; 5 years Booker T. Washington, Tulsa; studied landscape painting in Tuscany in 1998 and 2005; took continuing education courses at Chicago Art Institute and Tulsa University.

Smith, Cheray
Degree: B.A., Music Education, PreK-12
Teaching experience at Cascia: 2014 - Present
Previous experience: several years working as an accompanist and teaching music in classrooms and church settings as well directing youth and other musical productions.