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Fine and Performing Arts

David Galoob - Department Chair*
Degrees: B.A., Applied Liberal Arts, University of Central Oklahoma
Teaching experience at Cascia: 2007 - Present
Previous teaching experience: Norman North High School, Norman, Oklahoma

Brandes, Ariana Jakub
Degree: B.A., Russian Language and Culture, Studio Art, Emory University, Atlanta, GA
Teaching experience at Cascia: 2015 - Present, Art
Previous teaching experience: Princeton Day School, Princeton, NJ; The Nika School, Moscow; Christie's, Director of Ariana Jakub Gallery and Savage Art Gallery; Monroe Demonstration Academy, Tulsa

Byford, Deanna
Degree: B.S., Drama-Theatre-Film, Oral Roberts University
Experience at Cascia: 2011 - Present
Previous experience: 5 years industry experience at ORU and Tulsa PAC

Byford, Jeramy
Degrees: Associate, Acting and Technical Directing, Highline College, Seattle WA; B.A., Technical Directing, Sam Houston State University; M.A., Arts Management, Carnegie Melon University
Experience at Cascia: 2010 - Present
Previous experience: 7 years teaching at the college level and/or working in the industry (four years at Tulsa PAC)

Coonfield, Candy
Degrees: B.A., Music (Piano Performance)
Teaching experience at Cascia: 2009-Present
Previous experience: 12 years private piano instruction; designed curriculum for special needs children for 6 years
Other: Involved in ongoing musical performances and study within the greater Tulsa community.

Amy Rocket-Todd, Photography Teacher
With a professional background in Interior Architecture and Studio Arts from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Rockett-Todd combines her two interests in the international photography world.  Her work has been exhibited in galleries across the USA, UK, Spain and Romania.  She is also an active advocate for Oklahoma Arts while serving on the Board of Directors for Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition, OKC.  Rockett-Todd has created curricula for multiple age groups in the Arts and has taught in Afterschool Programs, Homeschool Organizations, and has been sought-out by Universities for her photography lectures and workshops.  

Sartain, Esther
Degree: B.A., Art Education, Oklahoma State University
Teaching experience at Cascia: 2008 – Present
Previous teaching experience: Private instruction in painting; 5 years Alternative School - Franklin Youth Academy; 5 years Booker T. Washington, Tulsa; studied landscape painting in Tuscany in 1998 and 2005; took continuing education courses at Chicago Art Institute and Tulsa University.

Smith, Cheray
Degree: B.A., Music Education, PreK-12
Teaching experience at Cascia: 2014 - Present
Previous experience: several years working as an accompanist and teaching music in classrooms and church settings as well directing youth and other musical productions.