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Student Handbook
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We are providing you with this Handbook at the beginning of the school year because we believe its contents are very important in setting the tone for the total education of our students.

Our Mission Statement and Philosophy clearly spell out Cascia Hall’s commitment as an educational institution that seeks to educate the whole person—body, mind, and spirit. A Cascia education also emphasizes the capacity of our students to work together as a community, to grow in friendship, and above all to recognize in a practical way that final goal to which we are all called: perfect and lasting happiness with God. It is this total commitment we will strive to achieve once again in this new scholastic year.

So that these goals may be properly achieved, we need the cooperation of all. Fair and consistent discipline allows us to be about our task of education. In order that we may be assured that you have read through the policies and rules contained in this Handbook, we are requiring that your student and one parent/guardian sign the compliance agreement provided here. By doing so, you and your child are bound by the policies outlined in this Handbook and will enjoy the privilege and protection of them as well.