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Textbooks Online

Online books are available for 6th - 10th grade history classes and for Algebra I class. These online books can be accessed at school and at home. User names and passwords will be issued to students when school starts. Hard copy textbooks are also available for check-out. Below is additional helpful information relevant to the use of these online books.

What are the system requirements to run the online books on your computer?
Please refer to Resources and Links.

What laptops/netbooks are recommended?
We recommend purchasing a laptop or netbook with a Windows based OS.  The Cascia Hall network is Windows based, and for future additions and upgrades, a Windows based laptop may be able to take full advantage of our network offerings.  Ipads will not be compatible with our online books and applications.

Your student(s) will be required to register his/her laptop on our Network Access Control device.  Registration requires the computer to have current and active antivirus, so please purchase the necessary antivirus software, or download the free software of your choosing.  A few links are provided below for free options.


What about power for my students laptop/netbook?
Currently, we do not offer hookups for charging students devices.  Please help your student remember to charge his/her device overnight to be prepared for the school day. 

Questions: Contact Josh Quaid, jquaid@casciahall.com.

Please refer to the Student Handbook for more information on Use of Computers and Internet for Academic Purposes.