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Testing Schedule and Grading Scale

Testing Schedule

Upper School Weekly

Monday - English, Theology
Tuesday - Science, Math
Wednesday - English, Social Studies, World Languages
Thursday - Mathematics, Science
Friday - Social Studies, Theology, World Languages

Middle School Weekly

The Middle School faculty utilizes a central calendar for testing to help balance the test load for students. Parents can see all the tests for all grades every week on the Cascia Hall website, Middle School Testing calendar.

Unit Exams by Departments

Make up exams for designated department exam days will be administered in the principal’s office or library at 7:00 a.m. or after school with the teacher the day after a student returns from a one-day absence.  So, if a student misses an English exam on Monday, then the student will be expected to make up the exam by Wednesday before or after school.  Students may have the same amount of days missed to make up any work missed during their absence.  For example, if a student misses three days for an illness, he/she will have 3 days to make up the work.  

Semester Exams

Semester exams are scheduled by the principal to be given by all teachers at the assigned time on the day scheduled. Semester exams should be comprehensive in nature and of sufficient length to engage the majority of students the full time scheduled. Students will not have more than two tests per day.

Students may not take semester exams early.  Arrangements must be made with faculty members for a makeup test if the student is absent on test day.  Parents should schedule trips to begin after the students’ last semester or final exam.

Grading Scale

A         =          90 - 100%
B         =          80 - 89%
C         =          70 - 79%
D         =          60 - 69%
F          =          0 - 59%

Grades are computed on a 4.0 scale with AP courses weighted one point. A student's average GPA reflects only grades earned at Cascia Hall.  Cascia Hall does not rank.