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Academic Services

Library Media Center

The mission of the Reverend Martin J. O’Neill* Library Media Center (LMC) is to fulfill the reading, research, and academic needs of our students, faculty, and staff. LMC materials and resources support classroom instruction and research in the school’s curriculum areas, provide information retrieval skills instruction for our students and patrons, and promote the love of reading for pleasure and as a lifelong activity.

The LMC is an extension of the classroom and the organizing spirit behind the navigation of information. The LMC is a place where students create order out of the confusion of data overload and learn to filter and evaluate for truth and accuracy in both the school collection and outside sources.  The Library Media Specialist (LMS) assists students in each step of the information retrieval process and builds partnerships with the classroom teacher to enhance authentic learning that fosters today’s active researchers and learners. The LMS collaborates with the faculty to teach vital search strategy skills which help students become independent, information-literate, and lifelong learners. The LMS and teachers foster curricular coherence and identify resources that enable students to use their own learning style and abilities to solve complex information problems.  The LMS provides resource-rich instruction that uses curriculum and collection mapping to connect classroom academic goals and library resources.  Students learn how to locate the information they need, determine what information is trustworthy, and use information for projects, assignments, and personal interests. Students use LMC resources and services both during and beyond the school day for multiple purposes, including research, enrichment, and personal enjoyment.

See Library Media Center for more information.

Digital Multimedia Language Lab

The mission of the Cascia Hall Digital Multi-Media Lab is to support students as they prepare for their role as a citizen of today’s multi-lingual world of ever growing cultural diversity, international scientific collaboration and global markets.  Leading-edge technology available in the lab facilitates innovative and engaging methods of language acquisition for both Middle School and Upper School students. Teachers may use the lab to individualize instruction, allowing students additional practice or new challenges as they develop their language skills. 

While working in the lab, students improve their listening skills as they hear a range of native accents in the language they are studying.  The high quality headsets and private stations help students to focus on the language by blocking out other distractions.  Students can control audio and video sources as needed, working at their own pace.  In one class, students may listen to a documentary from Mexico City, a radio interview from Buenos Aires and a music video from Puerto Rico. 

The world is truly brought to our students through a variety of internet activities as well as other audio visual materials.  Students might compare and contrast the French used in television commercials from Canada and Paris.   On-line newspapers from around the globe come to life with embedded video clips. Working in pairs, students are able to take a virtual field trip the Prado Museum in Spain and discuss different paintings in Spanish with their partner or teacher.

Students are able to practice the language without the pressure of speaking in front of their peers. The ability to scan audio responses gives the teacher valuable insight to student progress plus the ability to provide students with immediate feedback in complete privacy.  Teachers may record individual or paired activities for evaluation and later provide students with written or audio feedback.  Digital portfolios can easily be created to track student progress throughout their study of the language.

Other Student Services

Wednesday Night Tutoring

Each Wednesday night from 5:30-7:30, a math teacher (Mrs. Pam Benne) holds a tutoring session in the Dining Hall for all students.

Late Night Library

The Library Media Center maintains extended hours (until 8:00) each Monday for all students.  National Honor Society members are also available for tutoring upon request through the Guidance Counselor. 


Students have the opportunity to get extra help from their teachers during a 20-minute break period every day except Tuesday.

Computer Lab

Students may use the computer lab at 7:00 am each morning during breaks and during both lunches.