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Dress Code Overview and Vendors

Grades 6 - 12

Contact: Mr. Michael Loeffler
918-746-2600 x2112, mloeffler@casciahall.org


The Administration reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of a student’s appearance based on the following regulations and the overall requirement for a neat and professional appearance. If students are not properly attired, parents may be required to bring acceptable uniform clothing to the school for students to change into.


Students who choose not to comply with these policies may first receive a verbal reminder at the discretion of the teacher or administrator involved. Verbal reminders are most appropriate for such issues as skirt length, hair length, and clothing style and fit. If further correction is needed, students will receive infraction slips. Stronger discipline consequences will result if students continue to show a lack of self-discipline and disregard for school policies.


Photos of appropriate dress examples can be found on the school website (see Dress Code Overview on the Students page). When purchasing uniform items, please insist on a proper fit. Oversized (baggy) clothing is not acceptable because it detracts from the neat appearance of all Cascia Hall students.


Accessories such as hats, blankets, and anything else not expressly permitted in this dress code may not be carried, worn, or used during school. Visible tattoos are not allowed at school, school functions, or activities. The rules about piercings apply at school, school functions, and activities.



Dress shirts, slacks, ties, sweaters, and blazers can be purchased anywhere as long as the items meet the dress code specifications. Skirts and polo shirts must be purchased from the following vendors as noted below:


Lands’ End
All uniform items except skirts are available from Lands’ End. Lands’ End is the exclusive provider of the relaxed dress polo shirt, which must have the embroidered “ch” logo. Other shirts and sweaters may have the logo, but this is not required. Lands’ End does contribute a percentage of sales through our school page back to Cascia Hall (enter our school code on their website: 900137217).


K. Renee’s Uniform Closet 

Highland Plaza Shopping Center, 5625 East 41st Street, 918-627-3341
Skirts and other uniform items available.


C&J School Uniforms
Fontana Shopping Center, 4950 South Memorial Drive, 918-610-7470
Skirts and other uniform items available.


Parker School Uniforms
Skirts are available from Parker School Uniform.


Commando Store
The Commando Store is the exclusive provider of the regular dress fleece. It also sells many other Cascia-branded items, but these are only allowed during relaxed dress or spirit dress.