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Regular (Full) Dress - Young Women

Choice of two - Cascia plaid or khaki. Skirts must be of an appropriate and modest length for all situations, including standing, sitting, and using the stairs. The assistant principal and/or middle school principal will make the final determination of whether a skirt is “appropriate and modest.” For tailoring and alteration purposes, the bottom of the skirt must extend no more than four inches from the floor when kneeling. However, because some students may roll or pull up their skirts after they have been tailored appropriately, the school will use the “appropriate and modest” criteria for enforcement. Students may not roll up their skirts. Please plan to lengthen skirts as necessary as students grow over the years. Repeated non-compliance with these rules may result in a “skirt ban” for the remainder of the semester.

Any light tan or khaki wrinkle-free cotton dress slacks that conform to Cascia Hall’s cut and style with flat pockets only (no sewn-on pockets). No twill, denim, or corduroy material. No rivets. A solid color leather belt no more than 1 1/2 inches wide must be worn. Slacks must be sized to fit (no sagging) and hemmed to the correct length. 

Any solid-colored or narrow pin stripe white or pastel woven or oxford cloth dress shirt that conforms to Cascia Hall’s cut and style, either long- or short-sleeved. No wide-striped, checkered, or plaid shirts, and no cap length or 3/4 length sleeves. If the collar has buttons, they must be buttoned. Shirts must be tucked in at all times during the school day and buttoned appropriately. A tee shirt worn under the shirt must be short-sleeved only and solid white in color with no printing. No turtleneck shirts.

Traditional cut and style (not tapered or tailored), navy blue with school patch (sold in the Commando Store) sewn on the left breast pocket.

Any appropriate, professional color or pattern of matching ankle, crew, or knee-high socks. Socks must cover the ankles. Appropriate solid-color tights may be worn, but no leggings.

Only low-heeled, “traditional” leather dress shoes in an appropriate color. Accent colors (including soles, laces, etc.) must also be traditional (e.g., no neon accents). Shoes must have a back and must be worn properly. Clean, neat cowboy boots may be worn only with slacks. Shoes not allowed include mules, slides, moccasins, sandals, slippers, house shoes, work boots, and bowling style, athletic, open-toed, or canvas shoes.

Optional--over the shirt, under the blazer. Choice of crew neck, V-neck, or button-up cardigan sweater or sweater vest in one solid, traditional color. Sweaters must not hang below the bottom of the blazer or skirt. No turtleneck sweaters, zippers, hoods, or drawstrings.

Optional--over the shirt, under the blazer. Quarter-zip pullover fleece with “ch” embroidered logo and no other logos or writing. Sold only in the Commando Store.

No outlandish styles, including unnatural and two-toned coloring, feathers, and unkempt/uncombed hair. Hair must not extend to the eyes. Head/hair scarves must not extend below the collar of any shirt.

Jewelry may be worn in moderation. No chandelier or other large earrings. No visible piercings other than earrings are allowed.

Young women may use makeup sparingly, keeping in mind that its use is to accentuate that which nature has intended, not to change it. The administration has the right to deem the appropriate use of makeup.