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Relaxed, Spirit, and Team Wear Dress

Relaxed Dress

In relaxed dress, blazers and ties are not required. Instead of the regular dress shirt, students may wear the “ch” embroidered polo shirt purchased from Lands’ End or the Cascia rugby shirt purchased in the Commando Store. The rugby shirt only does not have to be tucked in. School branded or 

school team outerwear may be worn over a uniform shirt, along with sweaters and the “ch” fleece. These may not extend past the bottom of the skirt.

N.B.: The Commando Store sells many different kinds of Cascia polo shirts, and many clubs and teams also have polo shirts. These are only approved for spirit dress, not for relaxed dress.

Students begin school in the fall in relaxed dress and will remain so until regular dress is announced. Also, every Friday is relaxed dress. All students may wear relaxed dress during Minimester for the Upper School and the corresponding dates for the Middle School. Students return to relaxed dress toward the end of the school year when the weather gets warmer; the exact date will be announced. 

Spirit Dress

Occasionally, spirit dress days will be announced. In spirit dress, students may meet the following guidelines or wear the regular/relaxed dress code requirements that would otherwise be in effect that day.

  • The shirt, pants/shorts, or outerwear must be school-issued clothing with “Cascia,” “CH,” “Commandos,” or an official school logo printed on it. This includes team and club attire.
  • The school-branded clothing must be visible.
  • Nice jeans, capri-length pants, sweatpants, or shorts that extend to at least the middle of the thigh are required. No running-style shorts (e.g., Nike, lululemon). Leggings and other tight-fitting pants are allowed only if shirt is untucked and falls to top of thigh.
  • No tank tops or tight-fitting shirts. No hats or visors. No torn clothing or clothing with holes in it.

Team Wear Days--Upper School only

When in season (beginning the week of the first game, match, etc.), Upper School student athletes may wear their team jerseys or other team shirts on Fridays in the fall semester and Thursdays in Minimester and the spring semester. Each team member must wear the same style shirt. Other clubs and activities may do the same when approved by the principal or assistant principal.