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Celebrate Cascia 2017

Celebrate Cascia Reservations

"At the Heart of It" Raffle Tickets

Are you ready? Mark your calendars and get ready to show us some love at Cascia's most anticipated event of the year! The Cascia Parent Faculty Association and Co-Chairs for Celebrate Cascia 2017, Erin and Robert Butler, are taking you to the "Heart of It" at this year's event. 

Celebrate Cascia 2017, "At the Heart of It,”  is slated for 6:30 pm Saturday, April 22, 2017, at Southern Hills Country Club. Join us in celebrating Cascia's 90th year at an upscale Cascia tailgate like you have never seen! Technically speaking, to tailgate is to serve a picnic on the folded-down tailgate of a station wagon or pickup truck, which is how it used to be done.  This year, we're taking it above and beyond! We're putting on the dog (the bulldog) in high fashion! Monograms, baubles, the right shoes, and of course, red or navy from head-to-toe. Trust me, you have to see it to believe it! 

This year's event kicks off with a VIP Pre-Event Patron Cocktail Party from 5:00 - 6:30 pm; watch featured Tulsa artist, Chris Mantle create a new masterpiece. This is the real deal and worth an entry on your "bucket list!” In our "tent,” food is served on silver trays, cocktails splash, chandeliers hang from the rafters, and manners and hospitality prevail. Take home a limited edition custom Cascia art piece commissioned by Garden Deva. We've got something for everyone in the Cascia family this year! 

The online auction is back. Watch for new items to be added each month and place your bids online at www.biddingforgood.com. Keep an eye on your favorite items in the Silent Auction this year with our mobile bidding feature, and get ready for our amazing Live Auction items! Don't forget about the Wine Pull and Raffle! 

This year's Celebration will benefit scholarships, technology, and library improvements/academic resources. Show us some love, reserve your table now, and don't forget your dancing shoes! Thank you for supporting Celebrate Cascia, "At the Heart of It!”