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Research Links


ABC-CLIO is a publisher of reference works for the study of history and social studies in academic, secondary school, and public library settings.

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Ancient World History
World Geography
orld History


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The place to start. The "one-stop" research center that includes reference articles, magazine & newspaper articles, primary documents, and multimedia links.

  • Student Resources In Context
    Student Resources In Context: Primary and secondary sources for research on all topics including literature.
  • Opposing Viewpoints In Context
    Opposing Viewpoints Series: offers pro and con viewpoints on contemporary social issues. You've used the books before, now access it online! The keyword access makes the online version easier to use.

Facts on File 

(Reference articles and primary sources.) 
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  • A) Science Online: Conveys the visual nature of science in a clear and easy-to-comprehend manner, enabling students to access printable diagrams, definitions, biographies, and essays in a specific subject area with a single click. Thousands of hyperlinks allow users to follow a diagram to a definition and on to a related essay or biography. 
  • B) American History Online: A comprehensive reference to the most important individuals, events, and topics in United States history. Spanning more than 500 years of political, military, social, and cultural history, this reference source is organized by content type, topic, era, and activity. Thousands of fully hyperlinked entries allow users to follow a topic to related biographies, primary source documents, and images. Web links direct users to some of the web's best educational sites. 
  • C) Bloom's Literary Reference Online: Examines great writers and important works. Includes biographies of authors, literary criticism, key plot points, major themes, social context, characters, and a glossary of literary terms
  • D) Issues and Controversies: Lengthy research material on current social issues. Includes history of the problem, alternatives debated, bibliography, contact information, keywords and points, and updates.

Salem Press 

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A - Salem Health
        Magills Medical Guide

B - Salem History
        Milestone Documents in American History
        Milestone Documents in American Leaders
        Great Lives from History
        Great Events from History

C - Salem Science
        The Solar System


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  • A) Magazine, scholarly journals, and newspaper indexes.When searching, click on 'Full Text' box. Click on 'Also Search Within the Full Text of Articles.'
    • 1.Academic Search Elite.Full text for over 2,000 serials.
    • 2. Business Source Elite. Full text for over 1,100 business publications.
    • 3. Health Source - Consumer Edition. Consumer health information: medical sciences, food sciences and nutrition, child care, sports medicine and general health.
    • 4. Health Source - Nursing/Academic Edition. Over 500 scholarly journals focusing on medicine.
    • 5. Professional Development Collection. Designed for professional educators. Over 500 education journals.
    • 6. ERIC. References, citations and abstracts from over 1,000 education journals.
    • 7. Newspaper Source. Selected articles for ca. 30 national and international newspapers.
    • 8. MasterFILE Premier. Full text for more than 1,700 general reference publications.
    • 9. MAS Ultra - School Edition. Designed specifically for high school libraries. Full text for over 700 high school magazines, as well as pamphlets, reference books, primary source documents, photos, maps and flags.
    • 10. Middle Search Plus. For Middle School students. Articles, biographies, primary source documents, photos, maps and flags.
    • 11. Primary Search. For elementary students.
    • 12. Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia.
    • 13. EBSCO Animals.
    • 14. MEDLINE. Authoritative medical information.
  • B) Student Research Center. SRC was developed to offer middle and high school students an easy-to-use, graphically appealing interface, which highlights content such as biographies, maps and encyclopedias. A dictionary and Columbia Encyclopedia are also included.
  • C) Literary Reference Center. An easy to use database containing information about authors and specific literary works. Includes literary criticism. Masterplots, reviews and a literary glossary.  

Active History

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Lengthy research materials on current social issues including issues, background chronology, current situation, pro and con, outlook, bibliography, and the "next step."

World Factbook

Profiles of the countries of the world. Includes basic information about the geography,people,government, and economy.

Columbia Granger's World of Poetry

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Granger's site offers side-by-side poem comparison, search save, and an advanced search engine which supports not only the usual words in poem, subject, and author but also search by gender, schools and movements, language, forms, nationality, era and cultural identity.

The Academy of American Poets

The best poetry site! Includes a large database of poems and links to related sites. Search by poet or by poem. This is the only poetry site that includes links to critical essays. Click on 'Literary Links' on the left column of the screen. Then click 'Browse Poet Links' for critical essays and the texts of poems.


Great for St. Augustine papers and senior thesis. Divided into four parts: Reference, Verse, Fiction and Non-fiction. The full texts of major works are available and searchable by keyword. You can search St. Augustine's Confessions and works by philosophers for a single word. Includes an extensive collection of poetry, but no criticism.

Poetry Archive

Search by category (Poems on war, etc.) or by poet. Ignore the ads. The information is good. This is the site to check for poems and poets to compare and contrast. 

Representative Poetry Online

Poems. No criticism.

American Verse Project

A collection of poems by American Poets. No criticism.

Electronic Poetry Center

Does not include many poets, but does have links to interviews for those poets it does include.

Modern American Poetry

Only 161 American poets, but does include criticisms of specific poems by them.