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Middle School Athletics

We encourage all students in grades 6-8 to participate in and become part of Cascia Hall team(s).  By committing to a Cascia Hall team, you agree NOT to allow any outside sport team practice or game to take precedence over the Cascia team practice or game.  We believe in teaching commitment, unity, and teamwork in Cascia Hall athletics.

Sports in the Middle School are divided into three distinct seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring. Middle School athletes are allowed to participate in only one Cascia Hall sponsored sport per season. Each athlete must be passing all classes in order to participate in sports. In the case of an athlete failing a course, he/she will be given one week of probation to raise the grade. If the athlete is still failing the course after the completion of the probation week, he/she will be ineligible to participate in sports until a passing grade is achieved. Questions: Contact Middle School Athletic Director, Jenny Pearson, jpearson@casciahall.com, 918-746-2600, x2107.

Fall Sports

  • Cross Country - Practice begins the first week of school, Monday - Friday, 3:00 - 4:30 pm.
  • Football - Practice begins the second Tuesday in August. Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade teams will be fielded separately.
  • Volleyball - Practices begin in August. Teams will be fielded for the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. All teams will compete in the Diocesan Middle School Athletic Association League.

Winter Sports

  • Basketball - Practice begins in November.
  • Wrestling - Practice begins in October after the completion of football.

Spring Sports

  • Baseball - Practice begins in March. Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade teams will be fielded. If there are over 21 players per grade, two teams will be formed.
  • Golf - Boys' and Girls' golf teams begin practice in February. An additional fee will be required to participate.
  • Tennis - Ladder matches will be held in October for position on the team (only if needed). Practices will begin in February.Seventh and eighth grades will fill one tournament team. Sixth grade will fill a match play team.
  • Track - Practice begins in March. The team will participate in various meets.

Athletic Directors and varsity head coaches have the discretion to adjust the number of teams and the number of players on each team. This amendment will be agreed upon by the Athletic Directors and the varsity head coach.